Our Odyssey

A film by Omiros Evangelinos

Produced by Aegean Odyssey documentary productions

In association with Cousteau Divers  a non-profit organization, which its main purpose is to study and protect marine life worldwide.

Τhe five-year odyssey of  filmmaker Omiros Evangelinos while  sailing on  board a former fishing caique, through the islands of the  Cyclades,  investigates the matter of overfishing and the struggle of artisan fishermen  throughout the Aegean Sea. In his voyage he documents a chaotic state of  anarchy, where pirate fishing methods, like the use of dynamite and intense  industrial fishing, have depleted this once rich sea.

Along the way, the news of a conservation project initiated by Pierre-Yves  Cousteau brings Omiros and his crew to Santorini island. There they witness  Pierre’s efforts in uniting the local fishermen together with scientists and  local politicians for the making of a Marine Protected Area, one of the few bottom up conservation initiatives in the world…