become a ‘Guardian’

Your active involvement in this global project, in any way possible, is a tremendous help!

We all must realize that the future of our surroundings, and in expansion the future of our planet, relies on US and what role we play!!!


We can all become ‘Guardians’ of our future by getting involved in keeping our environment protected and always remembering that this sustains our own existence…documentary-aegean-guardians-local.


Behind all this intricate scenery resides an inaudible yet decisive power- all of us as consumers. Many things can change if consumers become motivated and informed thus adding more criteria when making their choices, beyond price and quality.

Some indicative questions to broaden our perspective next time we want to buy fish:

-Which is the smallest acceptable size for every species?
-Which is its reproductive season?
-What fishing technique was employed?
-What kind of “collateral damage” does it involve?
-How far away was it fished?

-Was it from a small family traditional boat?