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Shape Control In Cold Rolled Mill

what is a cold-rolled steel?,cold-rolled shapes are processed in a series of shaping operations. this is usually done along the lines of sizing, breakdown, roughing, semi-roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. cold-rolled steel is used for a variety of products ranging from home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to industrial machinery, architectural.chapter 4 surface finish and friction in cold metal rolling,control algorithms and to help determine process improvements. in most cold rolling operations, lubricant is used to reduce frictional forces, to protect the roll and strip surfaces, and to act as a coolant. the amount of oil drawn into the roll bite and the initial surface roughness are the critical factors determining friction.research and development trend of shape control for cold,the four expected development trends of shape control for cold rolling strip in the future are intelligentization, coordi-nation, refinement, and standardization. the proposed research provides new breakthrough directions for improv-ing shape quality. keywords cold rolling strip shape control development trend theory models shape detection.

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6 High Reversible Cold Rolling Mill

recently, the concept has been further developed with intermediate rolls taking on “coke” bottle shapes. originally, these mills were designed to be without shape control, as it was thought that the mechanical crown adjustments would suffice, however, modern quality and productivity requirements have meant that successfully operated mills.the world of cold rolled strip shape control of advanced,shape control of cold rolled strip rotating joints. processing is one of the core control technology, in recent years, with the progress of science and technology, advanced shape control technologies continue to rotary union. emerge, and become better day by day, the development of shape control technology, promote the progress of cold rolled strip industry equipment and industry upgrade,.robust shape control in a sendzimir cold-rolling steel mill,the shape control problem for a sendzimir 20-roll cold rolling steel mill is characterised by operation over a wide range of coonditions arising from roll changes, changes in rolling schedules and changes in material gauge, width and hardness..robust shape control in a sendzimir cold-rolling steel mill,sorry, our data provider has not provided any external links therefore we are unable to provide a link to the full text.

Modeling Of Dynamic Shape Control Strategy In Cold Rolling

abstract: profile control of cold rolling strip include items such as crown, flatness and edge drop, it is a key issue in the strip rolling industry. the dynamic shape control of strip is important in the process of tandem cold rolling, it is usually coupled with the gauge control of strip..laserspeed controls tension leveler in cold rolling mill,the laserspeed non-contact encoder by beta lasermike is being used by a steel manufacturer to accurately measure the length and speed of product to a control....shape control systems,strengths and benefits of the shape control systems. higher mill production capacity. improved strip flatness. fast return on investment in most cases. rugged, solid measuring roll body of simple design with closed surface (gap-free and homogeneous) roll diameters between 200 and 500 mm possible. measuring zone widths between 15 and 60 mm possible..shape control systems,strengths and benefits of the shape control systems. higher mill production capacity. improved strip flatness. fast return on investment in most cases. rugged, solid measuring roll body of simple design with closed surface (gap-free and homogeneous) roll diameters between 200 and 500 mm possible. measuring zone widths between 15 and 60 mm possible.

Controlling Flat-rolled Shape

the rolling mill can also do some flatness correction. the problem is that when the cold mill reduces thickness in one area, it also elongates that area in the rolling direction. trying to control length differential (shape) and thickness differential (profile) at the same time is asking a lot..technological control for cold rolling processes,rolling (e.g. due to thermal effects, wear, loading, etc.) is implemented. tension feed-forward control the tension feed-forward control responds to entry thickness deviations and applies a suitable adjust-ment to the coiler torque in order to consider the in-teractions between roll gap and tension. important sensors in a cold rolling mill.shape detecting and shape control of cold rolling strip,based on the shape detecting principle and the dsp (digital signal processing) technology, a high-precision shape detecting system of cold rolling strip is developed to meet industrial application. it was successfully used in angang 1250 mm hc 6-high reversible cold rolling mill..table 1 from strip thickness control of cold rolling mill,doi: 10.4236/eng.2014.61005 corpus id: 30768077. strip thickness control of cold rolling mill with roll eccentricity compensation by using fuzzy neural network @article{hameed2014striptc, title={strip thickness control of cold rolling mill with roll eccentricity compensation by using fuzzy neural network}, author={w. i. hameed and k. mohamad}, journal={engineering}, year={2014},

Optimization Of A Cold Rolling Mill

cold rolling mill. cold rolling mills the evolution of rolling mills has accelerated as the speed of processors and digital controls have grown by orders of magnitude. the capital cost in a rolling mill is substantial and investors understand that in order to achieve the maximum roi and shortest.strip thickness control of cold rolling mill with roll,in the cold rolling process and the precision is strip thickness of cold rolled strips of key quality products. conventional automatic roll gap control (where gauge, agc) system used for automatic correction strip thick-ness accuracy [9]. one of the conventional control.thin strip profile control capability of roll crossing and,strip rolling. at present choosing the new type of strip rolling mill is the one of main methods to control the strip shape quality in cold rolling. the influences of rolling process parameters such as the work roll cross angle and work roll shifting on the strip shape and.plate shape control theory and experiment for 20-high mill,roll flattening theory is an important part of plate shape control theories for 20-high mill. in order to improve the accuracy of roll flattening calculation for 20-high mill, a new and more accurate roll flattening model was proposed. in this model, the roll barrel was

Coupling Dynamic Model And Control Of Chatter In Cold Rolling

the dynamic model of 4-h mill, which couples with the rolling process model, the mill roll stand structure model, and the hydraulic servo system model, is built by analyzing the vibration process of cold rolling..research on the edge drop control strategy in cold tandem,edge drop control is the weak point although it enriches the contents of the shape control in cold tandem rolling mill. in this paper, the existing edge drop control strategy is analyzed and the edge drop control strategy optimization is researched. the simulation results show that the optimized control system can effectively control the edge drop..cold rolled steel,cold rolled steels can be joined using accepted welding practices. surface finish cold rolled steels are manufactured with a matte finish obtained by rolling with specially roughened rolls on the cold mill and the temper mill. this finish helps to maintain effective lubrication during metal forming and improves the appearance of painted surfaces..robust tension control of strip for 5-stand tandem cold mills,tandem cold rolling process is a nonlinear complex system with external and internal uncertainties and significant disturbances. the improvement in the quality of the final output depends on the control strategy of centerline thickness and interstand tension. this paper focuses on interstand tension control problem in 5-stand tandem cold rolling mills.

Hamilton‐based Adaptive Robust Control For The Speed And

third, robust controllers for the rolling mill system's current inside loop are designed based on the cascade control thought, so as to realize the tracking control for the speed and tension of reversible cold strip rolling mill. theoretical analyses show that.mill vibration phenomena during cold rolling,figure 2: typical mode shapes of rolling mill resonances that become excited during third octave gauge chatter. (a) shows the most common mode with a frequency between 100 and 150hz and (b) shows a less common higher frequency mode. the lines represent the central axes of the rolls and housing frames in a 4-high cold mill..mechanics of cold rolling of thin strip,mathematical models of cold rolling of a strip with a desired shape and dimension, both for mill set-up and for on-line control, have become a key issue in the steel rolling process. one major part of these models concerns the strip and roll deformation, plastically deformed

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